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7 day Diet Plan: Day 2 Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Weight Loss Tips

If you have not checked day 1 diet routine then check that out – diet plan for weight loss for day 1. All the people who have tried the day one then let’s check the day 2 diet plan.


Option 1: Day one was kind of green day so let’s kick start our day 2 diet plan with some egg white omelette. What are the healthy ingredients you need to have for your omelette? You can some preferred vegetables like green peas, onions, peppers, mushrooms(if you find), broccoli(if you want to).

Option 2: Or else try to have a whole grain sandwich with vegetable and 1 to 2 boiled egg as well.

Snacks between breakfast and lunch: Yo can try like strawberries, salads, or other fruits.

Lunch Time

Option 1: Chicken breast sandwich with whole-grain bread and some fresh vegetables. Don’t think like not again vegetables which are always good to have.

Option 2: If you don’t prefer the 1st option then you can have this option for your day 2 lunch. A vegetable soup which includes onion, carrot, garlic, chicken breast, tomatoes. Server with your favourite bread. Hey, I forgot to mention you can if you can make bread on your own then that would be great and healthy. Or else you can prefer Tawa roti as well.

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Between lunch and dinner snacks: Again not mandatory only have it if you are hungry. Try some walnuts or an apple.


Option 1:  Now let’s see what you can have for your day 2 dinner. How about mix salad with your favourite veggies and chicken breast as well and some pomegranate seeds.

Option 2: Or you can have cooked chicken breast with sweet potatoes, a bowl of moong sprouts.

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Hope your day 2 diet plan was excellent and healthy. You can suggest me some of your plans in the below comments.

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