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Effective Indian Weight Loss Program – How to Lose Weight Fast

We live in a country where we love to have spices and every state has its taste and varieties. Most of us prefer rice or roti in the main course. Weight loss doesn’t mean how much you eat or how less you eat. Here is about my weight loss program and how I lose 23KG in 33 days In my weight loss journey, I have learned that managing a perfect balance is necessary. As every person has a different weight and following the same diet which someone else is following is not going to work well for you. You need to understand your body requirements. Which would be providing you with the complete nutrition and minerals your body needs.

Protein or carb each of them has a different role for your body and eliminating carbohydrates also not good. Yes in my starting days I also tried to leave carb completely thinking that it would help me more. But trust me you need to have carb to lose weight, if you are an outgoing person then definitely you need them. As whole grain(avoid refined) carbs provide the appropriate energy which our body requires.

Why breakfast is necessary

Breakfast is most essential because your stomach was empty almost 8 to 10 hours. Your body needs the perfect breakfast which can fill you up until your lunchtime. Check out my 7 days diet plan for weight loss.

Cook yourself and avoid eating outside

I will recommend you to always prepare your meal. Because in that way you will be more aware of your body requirements and a high fibre diet restricts you to have extra calories. Completely avoid junk foods, neither Indian nor western.

How important water is?

Water too plays a vital role to stay hydrated and as well as during weight loss program. Always carry a water bottle which is going to help in hydration and keeps you away from eating extra calories.

Is Gym necessary for weight loss plans?

If you don’t like to go to the gym or you don’t have time then don’t worry. The gym is not mandatory. You can have home-based exercises as well and morning you can run for a while. Always use stairs whenever you get the chance to. If your office is nearby then trying to walk. Here check how you can lose weight at home.

One last thing if you want to reach the result then there is no shortcut. After all, it’s your health and body. Remember you can never get the results in a week or any kind of so-called advertisements manipulate your mind. Don’t get into those traps stay healthy and happy.

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