Best Weight Loss Tips

11 Simple and Best Weight Loss Tips That You Already Know But Barely Follow

As you already know what I’m trying to say here, is sometimes you know what is good for you and what you should follow but you do ignore them.

Like we all know how much our mother loves us but we hardly understand her, just like that we previously know these are the best weight loss tips to follow but never actually follow.

So here is the 20 simple and best weight loss tips list to remind you what you need to be following and what should be ignored.

#1. 3 Litters Water

Yes I know it sounds familiar but you must not just go through every article and imagining that weight loss going to happen, whereas you must consume 3 litres of water a day.

Not only it helps to hydrate your body but also keeps you away taking extra calories.

#2. Warm Water and Honey

Start your day with a glass of warm water which includes a tablespoon of honey and lemon, this is not just about the weight loss it also helps to fight some serious cardiovascular diseases.

It also helps to manage your sugar level and even if you are a type 2 diabetic patient then also you can have it (Only after consulting doctor) which is very less risky than having sugars.

#3. Cardio Everyday

Maybe you are not familiar with the gym environment but cardio exercises are very simple that you can perform it almost anywhere. And here is a list of 15 workouts which you can do within your home or backyards.

#4. Take Fiber Rich Foods

In our daily meal plans, we take fiber but do you know you should have whole grains like bread, pasta, oats or even roti and some other green vegetables and fruits as well.

#5. Coffee or Tea or Green tea

I would obviously recond you to have green tea instead of the other two, though it is fine to have normal coffee or tea as well(Only without sugar or milk).

#6. Eat More Protein

Proteins are not only essential but also it is the source that our body needs to build tissues, you can check here all the high protein foods that can help you lose your fat.

#7. Junk Foods

You are absolutely not a kid if you are reading this, then why to behave like a kid and can we stop eating junk foods which is neither going to help for weight loss nor it is healthy.

#8. Please Don’t Skip Meals

No, not even your breakfast, you might have heard that eating breakfast is not good for your weight loss plan however it’s a myth. You must have each every meal of your day, maybe you can skip your snacks but not a full meal.

#9. 3 Villains Sugar, Salt and Rice

Yes, rice is not bad to have but you should consume it as per your body demands, though you must completely avoid having sugar.

#10. Towards Overeating

Sometimes it is our brain who let us eat more because we feel like our stomach is not full though never trust your brain and you must eat in a control.

Best Weight Loss Tips

#11. Eat Healthy Snacks

Yes you can have snacks but snacks don’t mean chips, burger and pizza, instead have an apple or any other fruits or nuts or maybe salad.

As I have already mentioned we all know these points but hardly follow them, yet I do believe if you are thinking to maintain your weight then you should follow these simple and best weight loss tips.

Here is the extra: Check is peanut butter is good for weight loss or not.

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