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My Fat to Fit Journey: A True Story of My Dark and Unhealthy Past

I will be completely honest with you about my fat to fit journey. Maybe the first thing you learn about me would make you stop reading further but I would like you to know the truth. It is about my smoking and drinking habits, which was started in my engineering days.

I couldn’t believe that I use to have 2 to 3 packets of cigarettes in a day and used to drink 3 to 4 times a week(2008 to 2012). I wouldn’t say that I have achieved anything great to share, however, I would like you to know how I overcome those horrible periods and transformed myself from fat to fit person.

At that time I couldn’t even walk or stand anywhere for about 5 minutes. I was very weak, sweating a lot and my breath used to smell horrible. If I won’t talk about my skin tone and appearance then that would better for now(which you can see on my pictures). Note: It’s not about fair or darkness I respectfully don’t encourage discrimination. All I want you to know how unhealthy I was.

Now my real fat to fit journey started!

Next, my good journey started by quitting cigarettes and alcohol 100% by the end of 2013. I pushed myself to woke up early morning and chose to eat healthy and oil-free. Because at that time all I knew about fat to fit was to avoid fatty foods.

After all that I couldn’t able to recover and a month has gone but no changes at all. Later I thought to add some exercises to my routine. At that time I had no idea of any exercises or barely had any activities. So I started watching youtube videos and google about how to lose weight or how to be healthy.

Fat to Fit

Pushup was the first exercise I tried and the shocking thing is the first day I could not do one complete pushup. Then I was really sad and I lose hope about my health conditions. But somewhere inside I wanted to do it and get back to the healthy life I imagined for.

Next morning I tried to do one complete pushup and yes this time I did. Every next day I used to add one more to my pushup sets. I was overwhelmed by the result which was 30 pushups in 30days. After that, I promised myself to do every possible thing to have a better lifestyle. Then I added some other cardio exercises like squats, skipping, running and swimming.

Is the gym necessary to be healthy or lose fat?

Next year in 2014 I lost my father and I always miss him. I was never prepared for it but from mid-2015 I thought of going to the gym. I wouldn’t say that you should also follow the same and start gyming. If you want to lose weight at home then you can check these home-based workouts which I used to do.

Actually, in my situation, I feel motivated when I go to the gym. As I have already mentioned if you don’t want to go that is fine too. Now here I’m after 5 years of healthy eating, no alcohol, cigarettes and other bad habits. I believe everyone can be improved and there is nothing wrong to be healthy.

But one most important thing I want to mention no one should make fun of anyone’s skin colour, body structure or anything related to the same. Let everyone live their life how they want to be. There is nothing wrong if you are fat or skinny unless and until you are healthy. I do have so many friends and relatives those are fat or skinny but they are completely healthy. It’s all about how healthy you are, do share your thoughts and suggestions about my fat to fit journey in below comments.

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