avoid weight gain while working

How to avoid weight gain while working in the office

Weight gain is natural for them who spend most of the time working in front of a computer. I can understand your problem as a freelance developer I myself suffer from the same. You are unable to hit the gym if that is the case then here are a few steps you can follow to avoid weight gain while working in the office.

1. Prepare and pack your lunch

Before going to the office prepare your lunch and have it at your lunchtime. That would be way healthier than eating in the cafeteria or any other restaurant food which are pack with calories and fat. Also, it would help you to save money as well as some expensive medical bills. So why would you go for any street or unhealthy food when you have a better option to prepare yourself.

2. Healthy snacks

Yes, it is quite obvious to feel hungry in between work. But keep in mind that snacks like nuts, almond, dark chocolate, fruits or salad are the best option. Don’t try any masala or fried snack option which will only consume calories and unhealthy fats.

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3. A little mirror in front of your office desk

It quite works the same as keeping a mirror in front of your fridge at your home. Not kidding indeed if you keep one small mirror in front of your desk then that would keep on reminding you about your health or weight gain. So it would stop you from eating extra. Not kind of scientific way but give it a try at least.

4. An orange on your desk

Whenever you feel something to have then you can have a few slices of orange. Orange help you to relax. As it is packed with vitamin C and that can help reduce the stress hormones. As you already know that no stress means no weight gain.

5. Remain hydrated

I have seen in many facts people don’t stay hydrated and they keep on eating extra foods. As dehydration let you feel hungry and in result, you eat more than what you required. 3 litres of water is surely necessary for a day.

6. Use the stairs or walk to your office

I believe this is already known to you. And it’s a great option to maintain your weight. It can burns more calories as compared to walking and If your office is nearby then going on a walk or cycling would be a great option.

7. Standing desk or walk inside the office

Wouldn’t be great when you can work as well as you can manage your weight. As it would help you to burn some extra calories. If you don’t have the standing desk option then try to walk for a short interval or move from your desk.

If you have any ideas about how to avoid weight gain while working then do let me know in below comment section.

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