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17 Healthy Living Habits you can Adapt to Have a Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy living is not about showing your status or only rich people can have a healthy living style, rather all of us can have a healthier lifestyle.

All you need to have a better routine and strong determination to change your lifestyle, I tried these simple habits which actually changed my lifestyle.

You may find thousands of articles regarding this but a few had actually tried or experienced it with their own life. I don’t want to hide behind a computer screen and advise you to do something which I myself never tried.

Yes I myself tried almost all of it and that is the only reason I’m sharing my personal experience with you. Let’s check these 21 lists which you should and shouldn’t have in your daily.

#1. Wake up early morning

healthy living

You already know this what’s new I’m talking about, I do understand you know many things in your life but do you actually implement them in your lifestyle?

If you are an early morning person that’s great, and if you are not then you must. This encourages you to start your day with a bright and more productive way.

#2. Brush your teeth

Not only after you wakeup but also before going to bed brush your teeth, which will prevent having bacteria and other cavities.

Most of the doctor will also advise you to brush two times a day to prevent any kind of tooth problems.

#3. Have your breakfast

healthy living

“If you want to lose weight skip your breakfast”, don’t listen to this type of advice or I would say never skip any of your main meal(breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Because I myself tried that and the result was horrible, I used to feel tired and weak. Breakfast is really essential and you should have it, here you can check 7 days diet plan for your healthy living style.

#4. Drink 3 litres of water

At least drink 3 litres of water and try to have it half an hour before and after your every meal, this habit will improve your digestion system. Here you can check the timetable during the day when and how many times you should drink Water!

Water also helps to control your body temperature, clean up waste particles present inside your body and plays an important role in your weight loss plans.

#5. Touch The Morning sunshine

healthy living

Sun has a different role in different time schedule while at 12 PM it holds harmful UV rays but morning sunshine is full of vitamin D.

Try doing meditation while staying with the sunshine, which will help you to feel calm and focused throughout the day.

#6. Exercise regularly

Yes exercising 3 to 5 days a week is a great advantage for your healthy living practices, it’s not just about looking slim or having a six-pack, rather a regular exercise improves your blood circulation, controls your diabetics, maintain blood pressure, helps to build your muscles. Here you can check 15 best home exercises to lose weight.

#7. Don’t sit for a long time

healthy living

Most of us have a job where we need to sit all day and work, I do face the same problem but I try to leave my chair in every 30minutes to 1-hour interval and walk a little bit.

It will prevent you from having back pain and other joint pain issues, you may not have these problems at an early age but when you got older you start noticing.

#8. Quit Smoking

I used to smoke trust me I used to smoke 2 packets of cigarettes a day, here you can see how cigarettes almost ended my life.

I would never advise not even for a trial, as smoking damages your immune system and makes you weak day by day. Why would you purchase something which you know going to spoil your lifestyle?

#9. Eat healthily

Eating healthy has huge benefits like helping with your weight loss plan, maintain your sugar level and prevent different cardiovascular diseases.

If you desire to know what are the things you need to have in your diet list to have a better lifestyle, do check these 19 healthy living foods.

#10. Practice hygiene

I’m not saying to live an over hygiene life, rather you need to have a decent and normal daily life hygiene habits.

It prevents you have a stomach infection, vomiting and other food poison difficulties.

#11. Too much TV or Mobile

It is fine to watch TV, but you need to be specific about your shows and watching hours. Anything which is overtime means bad for your lifestyle, it’s damaging your concentration and stresses you out.

#12. No Junk foods

healthy living

We all have some favourite foods and we love to eat them, but eating every day is not a good option for your healthy living.

You may have them once in a week but having junk or fast foods on a regular basis is a huge no.

You may also check for good carbs and bad carbs food list

#13. Read a book

healthy living

Reading a book has many benefits like it improves your skills, understand things in a better way, makes you calm, knows about the world. You can choose your favourite topics or genres, the best time to read a book is just before going to sleep.

#14. Self check-up

Whether your blood pressure is unstable or your blood sugar is not controlled, all you can do is to self check-up on a regular basis.

Which will save extra money you spend for a doctor and other medical expenses.

#15. Relationships or sex life

Yes, your relationships and sex life is important for your healthy living since sex can decrease the stress hormones and reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Better sex life indicates towards a healthy and happy lifestyle, it builds a stronger relationship and controls your anger.

#16. No late-night snacks

Eating late night means adding unnecessary calories and fats to your body, if you still feel hungry then try to have a glass of water.

#17.Early to Bed

healthy living

And this is the final in the list, I began the list with the early morning woke up and finished with early to bed.

Both have the same importance and you must go to bed by 10 PM, early to bed will reduce your stress and the next morning you start with a better vision.

Some extra tips you can follow for a healthy living style like take a short nap after you have your lunch, eat raw foods, choose a durable surface for your bed mattress, and getting a fitness-friendly working chair.

If you any other suggestion or tips you follow do mention them in below comment section.

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