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7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Day 1 – Weight Loss Tips

A diet or you can call it nutrition for your body. What exactly you need to know about weight loss when you are planning for it? Maybe you are thinking about a great diet plan for weight loss but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry I will help you out. Let’s check what you can have in your diet and what you should avoid getting the best result.

Let’s start with day one:



Option 1: Cereal is a great choice to start your day. But you need to have only the whole grain ones. If you could have it with warm milk(no fat) and some of your preferred fruits then that would be more effective. It will not only help you take fewer calories but also helps you to feel complete for a while.

Option 2: Those who don’t like to have cereal option you can have a fresh smoothie. Would be best if you could add low-fat greek yoghurt and avocado in it. And you can have a bowl of mung bean sprouts also.

Snacks between breakfast and lunch: Not mandatory. Have it only if you feel hungry. Maybe an apple or an orange. Snacks like fried or masala ones strickly prohibited. 🙂


Option 1: Let’s check what you can have for the day 1 lunch. How about green salad. In the salad, I prefer vegetables like sweet potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, beans, and you can choose your favourite green vegetables as well. Keep in mind that don’t add any butter or so-called healthy oil to it.

Option 2: For the people who wouldn’t prefer the first option here the second choice for your vegetable soup. You can have all of your favourite vegetables in it. Like palak, mushrooms, and broccoli would be a great option.

Between lunch and dinner snacks: Again it is not mandatory. If you are hungry then you can try one carrot or an apple or even some dry fruits is fine.

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Option 1: Now comes the end of the day. Again you can have whole grain roti and daal. With some vegetables of your choices. Here you can add fish or chicken breast as well but that needs to be cooked healthy(without oil).

Option 2:  You can have a salad with some fish or egg. You think I’m mentioning a lot about green salad and vegetables. But trust me these are worth to have. You will notice the improvements in a few weeks.

Here is the Day 2 diet plan for weight loss: 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Day 2

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