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How do I reduce my belly fat? Best way to lose belly fat!

We can gain fat every part of our body but it catches to the abdomen at first. Whereas as fast as you gain belly fat that doesn’t mean you are going to lose it the same way. Belly fat is the hardest part of our body to lose weight. There are no specific exercises to reduce only belly fat though you can check out these tips on how you can lose belly fat in a more reliable way.

1. How sunlight can help you to lose your belly fat

Yes, sunlight can help you to lose belly fat. If you are a morning person and love to jugging or running then try to spend 15 to 20 minutes in the morning sunshine. As vitamin D is present in sunlight which is the enemy of fats. At the same time, you can try doing some yoga and meditation also.

2. Walk 10000 steps a day

Although it appears like a huge number you can do it easily. I would not promote any smartwatch but if you have one then that’s great which can monitor your movements but if you don’t have also that is fine. If your office is nearby it is better to walk instead of taking any transport. Some other tips like using stairs instead of lifts. And many more other ways you can find to walk.

3. Smoking habit is a big NO

There is no secret to know how bad smoking can cause to you. You can check out how I myself suffered from this. how smoking spoiled my health and life. Including weight gain, it may cost you your life. I believe I should not explain more to quit smoking. Don’t smoke that is the only and best thing I can suggest.

4. Say yes to green tea

I believe you already know the good quality of the green tea. As it contains 99.9% water. 100ml of serving hardly includes 1 calorie.

5. All types of fish

All types of fish are rich in protein and other healthy fats like omega-3 fats. Usually, I prefer fish as it is my favourite and rich in nourishment. Not only it can help you to manage your weight but also if you are allergic to non-veg then also it is a great option. As fishes don’t have any side effects.

6. No street food like trans fats

All type of street foods even the so-called healthy ones are not at all good for your health.  It doesn’t mean only Indian street foods are unhealthy but western fast foods are unhealthy as well. Foods like fried food, samosa, pizza, or anything related to sugar.

7. Reduce your alcohol consumption

Some studies say it is okay to have alcohol if you are having it in a limit. However, I’m not so sure how true is that so I would suggest you to not go for it. As alcohol beverages are full of calories and that leads to weight gain only.

Weight loss doesn’t mean you need to eat less or stay hungry and getting enough sleep is also important. Some of my workout list you can follow to lose belly fat like crunches, side crunch, reverse crunches, cycling, different plank exercises, running and swimming would be great if you can.

These are some of my tips I shared with you if you have anything related that can help to lose belly fat then do share in the comment section.

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