high testosterone level

High Testosterone Level Helps You Burn Fat and Healthier!

Both men and women have testosterone hormones, however, men have more high testosterone level than women. High testosterone level is helpful for your muscle growth, stronger bone, hair and healthier life.

high testosterone level

Insufficient testosterone leads to different health problems and mostly after the age of 30 men appears to have lower testosterone every year.

You might have doubts that how good testosterone level is related to weight loss, let me give you a detailed explanation of how it is going to help.

#1. A person with Fewer Hormones

i. Depression

Yes, depression and stress lead to some major health problems including weight gain, mostly a person having lower testosterone level has a high chance of getting into depression.

Researches show that people suffering from depression likely stay at home, less active and not socialized.

ii. Decrease in muscle mass

Lower in testosterone will also destroy your muscle mass, dizziness, and other hormonal problems.

Maybe you don’t need a bodybuilder mass or an athletic figure but you must not neglect to have a healthy one.

iii. Lack of focus

Are you worried about the things which are not going well, maybe the cause is a lack of focus in your work and lower testosterone might be the reason for it.

iv. Man Boobs

Do you embarrassed to go out to the pool or take off your shirt because of your man boob problems? This might have a linked with your testosterone level, drinking unusually and smoking a lot could be the main reason for it.

v. Erection problems

Drinking, smoking, high blood pressure, increase in sugar level, depression and other health problems are cause erection problem. As I have mentioned earlier that these are the things might be related to your lower testosterone level.

#2. A person with a high testosterone level

i. When you have good testosterone then you will realize that you are mentally focused and more confident towards everything.

ii. Good testosterone means good muscle mass and helps you burn fat.

iii. Your blood circulation improves, heart functions properly, lower the chance of having diabetes and other health problems.

iv. You have a more successful sex life and better erection.

These are the things to follow to have high testosterone:

a. Sleep enough
b. Exercise
c. Healthy eating
d. Healthy fats
e. zinc supplements

Note: Sometimes your age and other health issues could be the reason for your lower testosterone level, you must consult with your doctor. Do check my healthy life journey how I lose 23KG in just 33 days.

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