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List of Good Carbs and Bad Carbs for Your Weight Loss Program

Are you planning for no-carb diet during your weight loss program? You should never omit carbs since these are the most important source for your body energy. But you can omit the bad carbs and adapt the good carbs to your diet list.

Confused about – Now what on earth healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs are? Let me help you with that I bring you this awesome list of foods which you should and shouldn’t have in your diet.

List of Bad Carbs:

#1. Fruit Juice

Yes, I’m talking about the packet juice(Any brand), you should avoid having them. These are neither going to help you with your weight loss nor into any healthy lifestyle.

#2. Soda

I could have added it to the juice list only but I want to separate every specific list. Need not to specify any brand because you need to avoid every single one, even the so-called diet soda or diet coke.

#3. Cookies, Pastries and Cakes

Sorry bakery lovers but these are the foods you need to avoid, it is fine to have them once in a week(in your cheat meal).

#4. White Bread or Roti(Maida/white flour)

I’m not talking about the whole grain or the homemade roti, you need to avoid having the maida or white flour bread.

#5. Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

No darling not even the diet or so-called sugar-free ice creams, you may have them once in a week though.

#6. Chips and Fries

Usually, you prefer chips and fries for snacks but do you know you are eating more calories than your main meal.

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Let’s Take a look at Healthy Ones:

#1. Fresh Vegetables

All kind of fresh and green vegetables are not only considered as healthy carbs but also it helps to consume lower calories and maintain a healthy life.

good carbs

#2. Fruits

Most of all fruits are good to have, fruits are filled with minerals, less fat, fewer calories and most importantly none of them contains cholesterol.

good carbs

#3. Brown Rice

You may disagree with me as white rice and brown rice both have a similar quantity of calories, though brown rice is rich in minerals, iron and fibers. Therefore it is up to you which one you should consider.

#4. Whole Oats

Whole grain oats are another good carbs to add in your list and it is also necessary for your weight loss, control your sugar and cardiovascular disorders.

good carbs

#5. Sweet Potatoes

I believe you are familiar with this food and its benefits, sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fibers, vitamin A and other minerals.

#6. All kind of Nuts

Peanut, almond, cashews, walnuts and all other nuts are rich in protein and healthy fats.

These are some of my list of good carbs and bad carbs, finally, if I have missed anything or you have something else in your list do let me know in the comment section. Do check my weight loss journey – how I lose 23KG in just 33 days.

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