Fastest Way to Lose Weight

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight is a Myth | Stop Believing It

My first point there is nothing like a shortcut or overnight success. Everything you achieve what you try or work for and the same thing goes for your weight loss plan too. You may find a thousand articles or advertisement about getting slim in a week or 10 days or so on. Seriously if you love your body never get into such trap, especially the so-called ad says we have the fastest way to lose weight without working out.

Let me explain to you with my personal experience In 7 days or in 15 days no one going to lose weight or get a perfect shape. Yes maybe you can lose 10Kg in 30 days but it’s not about weight loss only. People work years and years to get into a healthy life and if you are planning to lose weight then try to have a healthy weight loss plan.

Manipulative weight loss advertisements

I have seen some people taking medicines to get slim, seriously guys these are more than madness. Even the big-name gyms are looking forward to expanding their business rather than your health. In the end, every product and advertisement are running after their promotion and popularity. Don’t believe me then you only think how is it possible for a product to determine how many days you are going to lose your weight. Whereas every person has a different volume and height plus they all require different plans to lose weight and here you can check how to lose weight within a perfect plan.

Is it good to have a supplement or not?

If you are willing to lose weight then try every possible natural way, like if you are on a diet then try to have home cook food rather than any supplement and if you are planning to spend time in an expensive gym then please don’t. It’s not like that going to the gym is bad but choosing the right and reliable one is important. If you don’t choose a gym that is also fine as you can work out without a gym also. Here you can check the best exercises to Lose Weight without going to the gym.

Does diet mean going hungry?

Diet doesn’t mean going hungry and hunger going to damage your body muscle and maybe it won’t help you losing weight. So be careful with your diet, If possible never skip your meal neither breakfast nor dinner. Carbohydrates are essential for our body nutritions and it helps to give the energy we require in all our day.

Over-exercising means more weight loss!

No big no to over-exercising and which may cause serious injuries or even some other dizziness. At the starting period of my exercising, I used to do over workout and trust me the results were hilarious. It is good to have intense workout if you are a professional on an intermediate, for beginners, I wouldn’t recommend going hard. Better you start concerning about your position and correct way to do every exercise. And one more thing about workout timing doesn’t do it 7 days a week. Always try to have to take a day or two days off between every 2 days or 3 days.

Thank you for reading and do share your valuable opinion in below comment section. Do check how I lose 23KG in 2 months and my 5 years of health journey.

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